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Tasty and healthy


Belonging to the botanical family of grasses, rice is part of the same group as wheat, barley and other classical grains. It originates from South East Asia and still countries like India, Pakistan and Thailand are the main producing countries of rice worldwide. European rice areas are Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece.

Domesticated rice is a one-year plant, which can be cultivated in wet as well as dry cultivation practices.

Tasty and healthy


The rice plant develops 10-20 panicles, which contain up to 200 rice grains each. Once harvested, the non-edible husk is being removed form the rice grain leading to whole rice, which still contains the germ bud and the silver skin of the grain. Both are highly nutritious parts of the whole grain rice. White rice, used far more commonly, is polished additionally to the removed germ bud and silver skin.

Tasty and healthy

organic produce

Cultivated rice is naturally glutenfree and therefore predestinated for people suffering from celiac disease and all segments of glutenfree food.
We offer therefore a wide variety of semi-processed cereals made from rice, which are optionally available in certified glutenfree quality.

100% All natural produced rice,
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